Thursday, 4 December 2014

Over the course of this personal interest project Ellen and Allie learnt many new and exciting things like:
How to use Blender
How lovely a person Alimayo Arango is
How he likes his women with voluptuous curves
How to use the 3D printer
Uses for the 3D printer
Making boobs is hard
Modelling in blender in general is hard
Basically they just found out that modelling has lots of potential as does 3D printing and we have a joyous future to look out for.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Week Five
This week in Blenderland. Ellen had much trouble creating breasts and put a hole in her blender model. Alimayo was discovered to like his women with voluptous curves and Allie found the whole thing rather amusing.
Ellen's issue with the breasts was that they were joined together in a strange way and she found no way to cut them apart. Alimayo was of no use so she returned to the land of Googlivia to find advice from other guides who had been to Blenderland before to fix her breast issue. After some searching for a guide she found the guide Orinoco who told her to subdivide and using his wisdom she ventured back to blenderland and began to fix her breasts. SUCCESS!!!! The breasts are fixed and so art the 'oles. Thank you Orinoco God bless.
 Breasts before OrinocoBreasts after Orinoco

After the breast issue was fixed Ellen and Allie left Blenderland for good and journeyed to find Mr Richards whom helped them use the magical 3D printer and so their final object was created.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Week Four:
This week Ellen and Allie continued modelling in blender and as their figures began to take more and more shape they became more and more excited. Alimayo continued to help guide them through blenderland and everything was going fine and dandy.
This was until they looked at the time frame they had to finish this. The amount of blog posts they had to do and how far through Alimayo's video they had come.
Ellen and Allie gasped and realised that it would be unlikely that they would manage to finish their models and make their blog in the time they had left! So they held an emergency council meeting and decided that unfortunaely their best and only option was to split the work and take different paths. And so with this Allie left Ellen with Alimayo in Blenderland and ventured to the world of Googlivia where she began writing up blog posts documenting what it was that they had done on their journey.
And so that is what happened. Ellen modelled and Allie blogged about it. Apart from this the week passed without a hitch and all went well.
3D printing really does look like it's going to be a huge part of the future of the human race and so here are a few news articles about the applications it may have.
As these articles show 3D printing is really starting to make a difference to the world and can and will be applied to many different industries helping many different people.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Week Three:
This week Ellen and Allie got down to business and did some serious modelling in Blender.
As they moved slowly through the tutorial they started to become more and more familiar with the tools of blender and found their human bodies began to take shape. Their only real goal this week was to model and so that is all that happened this week.
And so we shall leave them on their adventures for a moment to talk about some of the applications of the program Blender and 3D modelling on computers.
Blender is often used in industry for creating characters for animated films or video games as it creates a body which can then be manipulated as is needed. It can also be used to create 3D art, print 3D models or machine parts etc. Being a free program blender is great because it can be downloaded by anyone and is simple enough to be used by anyone and so people just like Allie and Ellen can use it but it is also complex enough that professionals can use it too.
As time moves on tools like blender will most likely become more and more popular as we move from physically modelling and making things to using digitals programs that can be worked and reworked as much as needed at do not need real materials.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week Two:
This is the week that Ellen and Allie began modelling.
To start with they watched some videos on modelling in blender but after watching some they realised that this was going to take a long time to form anything! So they continued searching before they found an hour long video on forming a basic human female form. After checking that this hour was the full tutorial and not just part one of fifty-three they decided that is the tutorial that they would use.
So they opened blender and began modelling with their guide Alimayo Arango to guide them. They started with just a simple block of cyber clay to model and began their adventure. Their first issue was that they knew nothing about blender and so had to quickly learn the basic tools and how to operate them. Thankfully Alimayo designed his tutoring for beginners just like Allie and Ellen and so it was ok. The only issue with this is that he was operating on a different version of blender and so they had to translate his instructions into their land.

 They quickly formed heads for their people and began to experience the excitement and magic that was creating in blender.

Youtube videos

Youtube video we chose to use

Week One:
3D printing is a new and exciting emerging technology that may one day be used to create everything from prosthetic limbs to highlighters.
Ellen and Allie from year ten St Columba have decided that in their personal interest project they will aim to create a 3D figurine each and then using their school's 3D printer, to print and paint it.
This is because they are interested in modelling human figurines and they would like to take advantage of the opportunity to use the 3D printer.
To start this process they ventured unto the internet where they looked for programs with which to create their figurines.
After much googling they discovered the program known as Makehuman. Makehuman is a program designed specifically for creating human figurines but when they opened it they discovered that it wasn't quite as perfect as they thought. Although it could customize any human feature they were disappointed because they could not do much in the way of clothes and they were too realistic.
So off they journeyed again to find a better program and they then came across Blender. This they thought was the one.
Blender is a program used for 3D modelling of anything and everything so they downloaded and opened it with the intention to start.

They soon realised upon opening the software that they would need a guide in the strange and mysterious uncharted territory of blenderland. So off they ventured to youtube to find a tutor.
Once they were on youtube they discovered they had a lot of tutors to choose from and so this week ended with them checking out some of these tutors.
Next week they hope to decide on one and begin their adventures in Blenderland.

Example of videos they watched